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3D Scene Artist


Produce models and textures for objects, and environments for real-time 3D game engines

Design and produce game menus and user interfaces


College degree or above in Arts or Design major including Architecture Design, Industrial design or textile design)

Sound knowledge about 2D design, painting and textures

Good command of common 3D software editors usage such as Maya or 3D Max

Passionate and motivated to join the game industry

Skills in English is a plus but not compulsory


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Lead 3D Artist


In charge of a team of 3D character, environment or vehicle artists and related real-time 3D game projects.

Improving level and map art and design by active input and participation in creative discussion.

Taking responsibility of management and giving training to other team members in your projects.


Bachelors degree (art related major) with at least 5+ years of 3D art or design experience, and also familiar with 2D design including painting, textures, etc.

Strong command of at least one 3D software program (3D Studio Max, Maya, Softimage, etc.) and good knowledge of drawing software in general.

In possession of game software production experience, including game technology and restraints and integrating art elements into game engines.

Good knowledge of different art styles and able to adapt artistic styles as required by each project.

Good management and communication skills Good command of written and spoken English.

Please attach your portfolio together with CVs to apply for this position


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3D Technical Artist


Day-to-day support of our art teams – inside and outside the 3D application.

Creation of basic automation scripts, small tools inside and outside the 3D application.

Installation and troubleshooting of art software, plugins and scripts.

Supporting producers and team leaders in planning deployment of tools.

Train art teams in use of specific tools and best practices.


   Good verbal and written communication skills.

   English and Mandarin Chinese skills required.

   Good knowledge of Maya or 3D Studio Max.

   Basic / Intermediate knowledge of 3D Studio Max script, MEL or Python.

   General MS Windows and IT troubleshooting skills.

   Knowledge of revision control systems, such as Perforce.


   Pro-active, showing initiative.



    DOS Batch programming or Windows Powershell.

    Networking knowledge (e.g. Windows, TCP/IP).

    Shipped a game as technical artist.

    Game engine experience, e.g. Unreal, Unity.

    Rigging and animation knowledge.



   A portfolio is required for this position. There is no specific format, but it has to be representative, showing your skills and experience. When submitting individual pieces scripts, images or videos, you must submit a document explaining your contribution and the nature of the piece, e.g. title, software used, professional or personal work, purpose of the script, etc.

Please make sure code is well documented (Chinese or English, English preferred).


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