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Sheer Tianyi Technology is a leading game content outsourcing studio, the largest in western China, with more than 13 years experience in game industry. Founded in 2005, Sheer has been the production partner for many top game developers and contributed to over 1000 titles. With comprehensive platform skills and proficiency with most production pipelines and 3D tools, we provide a broad range of art and animation services, including 2D Concept Design, Pre-rendering Art, UI Design, 3D Modeling and Texture for Current and Next Gen, Key Frame Animation, Setup and Rigging, MOCAP Clean-Up, etc.

Our 500 talented concept and 3D artists, animators and directors is our key asset. 13 years team work has created trust and mutual respect among all our employees, who share the same passion and work with great efficiency under a mature art outsourcing management system that has been perfected over the past decade.

Located in the exciting international city of Chengdu, the largest metropolis in western China, Sheer's  art studio is one of the most modernized and serves to provide a delightful and comfortable working place for our creative staff.